Special Guest Cameo :D

A guest {husband} stopped by my soap studio {our kitchen} to watch me make a batch of Spa Soap this afternoon. He asked lots of questions about lye calculation and oil volume and I enjoyed having him around.

NBT: What did you like?
PG: The amount of lye needed to turn oil into soap wasn’t as much as I expected. That caught my attention.

NBT: What didn’t you like?
PG: The stirring part. Would prefer to use a stick blender when there’s electricity to speed up the mixing.

NBT: What surprised you about the process?
PG: Its simple and easy enough to learn. Including the calculations, so far as you know how to do them.

NBT: Do you feel prepared to make your first batch?
PG: No! I’d have to watch you do it a couple of times. But I’m looking forward to it! Its just like baking.

NBT: Next time, you will work along with me. That’s the best way to really learn soap making – by doing it.


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