Mission 100 – Batch 4

Batch 4 - Rosey. Do you spot the robot face...lol

Batch 4 – Rosey. Do you spot the robot face…lol

Here’s the dusky rose coloured sea salt all soaped up with Rosemary infused oil, unscented. Yum

I used 100% Aloe Vera gel (harvested and processed by moi) and some of it went in a lumpy. I’m excited to see how it will turn out when its ready to use.

Peach/Orange batch coming up…


Coloured Salt

Peach and Rose sea salt waiting to become Spa Soaps

Peach and Rose sea salt waiting to become Spa Soaps

I’ve not been able to make soap in a couple of days with strong withdrawal symptoms – dreaming about soap :D.

I did manage to colour my salts for the next couple of batches though. I was aiming for orange with the one on the left but with the brilliant white of the sea salt, the best I could do was this peach. Too much soap dye colours the lather and may stain your washcloth. The one on the right was meant to be red but I’m ‘settling’ for this gorgeous dusky rose!

I’ll be posting the soap pics as soon as I’ve made them…

Mission 100 – Batch 3

Batch 2 - Lavender Sage

Batch 2 – Lavender Sage

Batch 3 is made with Sage infused oil. I’ve used a little Activated Charcoal to colour it grey (play on the meaning of Sage) and to add to the deep cleansing properties. However the soap came out grey- green *grin*.

This batch is scented with Lavender fragrance oil, quite heady but I like it! Lavender and Sage are known to be beneficial to problem skin so this is a winning combination.

Off to join the other sweaties {salt soap sweats a bit, especially in our super humid weather} curing on every table surface in our home. I’m thankful for a supportive husband!!!

3 batches done, 5 to go…

Tis The Season…

I didn’t make any soap today but I did get a chance to pack up some of the Christmas gift sets I made.

SoapSweets? Hmmm...

SoapSweets? Hmmm…

The soaps are wrapped like huge sweeties in coloured paper. Also included is a soft cotton wash-cloth and one of the wooden soap dishes I blogged about recently.

The labels I really wanted to use were not available so I had to do a bit of improv. I like the visual impact {taking the picture with my phone doesn’t do it any justice!} but more importantly I hope it delights the recipients.

All wrapped up!

All wrapped up!

Mission 100 – Batch 2

Batch 2: Mint Spa Soap

Batch 2: Mint Spa Soap

This second batch of Spa Soaps was made with 100% Aloe Vera gel and Mint infused Sunflower oil in addition to Palm Kernel and Coconut Oils.

The mint smells gorgeous and I’m considering infusing some for my kitchen cabinet! I don’t think the scent made it through the soaping process though as it only 20% of the base oils. Plus the ‘extra virgin’ PKO has a strong nutty smell that takes the foreground. {Reminds me of holidays in the village growing up, helping my step-grandma crack palm nuts to get the PK nuts out. I ate my own fair share I tell you!}

The little flecks in the soap are actual dried mint leaves and some aloe vera skin. All botanical additives eventually turn brown though but this should still make a good looking spa soap for as long as it lasts.

2 batches down, 6 to go…

Odour Away!

Coffee Kitchen Soap

Coffee Kitchen Soap

I’m trying out a new single oil/high superfat recipe today and I decided to make a naturally deodourising kitchen soap for my hands.

Coffee is great for this purpose, and I added some milk to boost the creaminess of the seriously bubbly lather.

I let it go through gel phase so now its a deep dark coffee colour. I think next time I’ll try leaving out the gel phase to keep the colour a little lighter.

Can’t wait to try it out.

Update: Okay, I was a little impatient so I tried a little shaving of the soap. It was as bubbly as expected and it didn’t leave the strong coffee smell on my hands. I might be onto something here…

Mission 100 – Batch 1

Batch 1

Batch 1

Finally kick-started Mission 100 with the first batch of Spa Soaps this afternoon.

This soap is made with 100% Aloe Vera gel (harvested from my mum’s Aloe garden), saponified Alkanet infused Sunflower Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Kernel Oil and Sea Salt…scented with Lemongrass.

The Aloe juice turned a delightful melon/peach colour which in tango with the dark nutty PKO colour and the Alkanet infused oil ended up a lovely shade of peach.

However, after going to bed for a bit, it turned a pale cream colour :D. I like the surprises I get using all natural products to formulate soap.

I’ve made these in individual cavity moulds for variety.

Till next time…