Chocolate Brownie Oatmeal Milk & Honey soap

Here’s ‘volcano’ soap cut and ready to cure. It looks so rustic like drusy quartz. Smells like chocolate brownies for real. I can’t tell you how much I like how this soap turned out! This batch is unscented.

I lathered up a piece of this soap today. Because it went through saponification so quickly, it’s quite hard already though I plan to give it the full 4 week cure. The lather was creamy and the ground oats gave it the gentlest exfoliating factor. My hands feel like I’ve had a spa manicure right in my kitchen…lol

Il be making a bigger batch of this soon. This one only yielded 6 chunky bars of soap.

My first soap volcano

I decided to make an oatmeal milk and honey soap today after about a month off.

Everything seemed to be going well although my lye water was hotter than I would normally use.

I poured the creamy light brown batter into my soap mould and went in search of a spoon to do a fancy top.

At first I was shocked how plasticky-hard the soap had become then I saw it split open and bubble out dark chocolate colored spongy soap.

Immediately I pulled up the edges of the bag I was using as a liner and disaster was averted, thank God! It could have been so much worse.

After the initial shock and panic, I now feel like an experienced soapmaker! Ironic.

What went wrong? ALL the ingredients except the Shea butter contributed heat: PKO, Pomace, Honey, Milk, Chocolate brownie oatmeal, hot lye water, seriously hot tropical weather!

What to do next time… SOAP COOL!!!


Soapy update

I’ve not made any soap in a couple of weeks but I’ve had the opportunity to use the ones that have cured.

Orange infused Castile soap: after 4 months of disciplined waiting, this soap is now ready to use. When I bathed my baby with it a couple of days ago, a light fragrance enveloped us both. It made a lovely creamy lather and its a very hard chunk of soap! Lovely.

Spa soap: I’ve been using the spa soap from batch 2 on my face for the past 2 weeks. My mum commented on how bright and clear my face looks and she had DEMANDED I send her a bar sharpish 😀

Milk of Nature (special order): this cured into a very bubbly herby soap. My husband had me pack him two bars for his last trip…he didn’t want to risk running out. I was able to sneak out a bar for a friend/customer.

Mocha Spice: Oh wow! My first cocoabutter soap, with papaya oil. Nice hard bar. Very creamy and bubbly lather. The coffee comes into its own under a hot shower. I’m reluctant to let these out of my sight!

Neapolitan: I gifted a bar of this to a new friend. She now wants to know how I made it (wants me to teach a class) and says ‘I’m a customer’.

More soaping to come…