Chunky Chunky Chunky

I tend to cut my soaps quite generously with an average weight of 7oz. Ive had a bar that weighed 10oz before. It feels quite substantial to hold and use in the shower especially if used directly on the body.

What I do is to cut the bar in half and I find that fits nicely in my palm – much more comfortable to use and psychologically it feels like I’m getting twice as much for my ‘money’.


Soapy update>> Chocolate Brownie OMH soap

One of the hardest parts of soapmaking is waiting the minimum cold process cure period of 4 weeks. While I tend to try out the lather on my hands after a couple of days/week, I don’t bathe with it till the 4 weeks are over.

The chocolate scent in this lush soap is quite heady. You’ll either love it or not. Also its something a guy wouldn’t mind using… Like real dark chocolate. The lather was nice and creamy, and the oatmeal contributed a gentle scrub.

My skin feels moisturised and soft/smooth. I’ve been feeling my arm all the time I’ve been writing this post. Lovely!

Faux Funnel Pour {success}


I’ve tried the faux funnel pour technique in the past but my recipe moved fast so I ended up improvising. A soapmaker must always have a plan B!

This particular soap was originally meant to be a 3 layer colored soap but the batter was nice and thin so I just had to give the FF another shot.

This recipe is 100% Coconut oil. The black portion is mixed with Activated Charcoal and the yellow is soap colourant.

I scented this batch with lemongrass because it works so well with the natural scent of the unrefined coconut oil.

Soapy update >> 100% coconut oil soap

I was excited to get this coconut oil soap into the shower today. I ditched the sponge and used it direct because I wanted to feel the poppy seeds.

The lather was luxuriously creamy and bubbly. The poppy seed was nice and firm and provided pleasant exfoliation.

I didn’t moisturize my dry skin afterward just to see the effect of the excess oil in the soap. 12 hours later my skin is not dried out and you wouldn’t know I didn’t use moisturizer if I didn’t say.

My face did feel a little taut after the shower but that feeling relaxed within minutes. My oily facial skin has also stood up to the moisturizer free test though I encourage you to keep your skin hydrated no matter what type of cleanser you use.

I will definitely be considering this recipe as a staple offering.