Lip love

Here are thereof the lip balms/ lipstick I made recently after experimenting with different consistencies.

The dark brown one is made with cocoa butter, Shea butter, beeswax and castor oil. Oh, and lots of dark chocolate powder…the good stuff. It’s super moisturizing and gives a sheer cover. With a little zinc oxide, I can make it matte and give it full spectrum sun protection qualities!

Muah muah muah

Muah muah muah!

The middle one is made with calendula infused extra virgin olive oil, castor oil and beeswax. I left it unscented so it can double as a healing salve for cuts and scrapes on the body.

The third one was an experiment with a very fragrant tea I like to drink. It’s a combination of berries. I infused the tea in olive oil for a few days and then added beeswax to make the lip balm. The tea gave it the most delicious fragrance but not colour.

Sugar sugar


My sister and I were at a spa yesterday and they had this yummy citrusy sugar scrub. Of course I had to whip some up today…lol



Here’s what’s in mine:


Organic cane sugar


Calendula infused extra virgin olive oil


Calendula petals


Orange essential oil


Orange edible colouring




One of the benefits? It’s ready to use instantly! Scoop some in your hands and massage your damp body from feet to neck. Rinse off. Enjoy silky smooth lightly fragranced skin. {This scrub is not for the face}






More coconut oil soap

I like round soaps so naturally I’ve been making some! This soap is my 100% coconut oil recipe. I was trying out 3 different colours of Brazilian clay with this one but the end result was this rose clay colour that I DO like very much.

Round, deep cleansing, luxurious...what's not to love?

Round, deep cleansing, luxurious…what’s not to love?

As usual the bubbles are dense and beautiful. The clays make it a deep cleansing soap for very oily complexion. Also makes a great body bar.

Fragranced with 2 blends called Energy and Yuzu. It’s a great excuse to linger n the shower…

Still soaping…

I broke my fancy gadget that was my camera, writing and entertainment centre so I’ve not been blogging or taking pictures of my soap making.

this is my first lard soap made with three different Brazilian clays. Traditionally, soap was made with animal fat, ensuring nothing went to waste. Lard is fat from pigs, and it’s used for cooking where cholesterol is not an issue…lol

scented with red apple fo and orange eo. Lather is very creamy and gets better every day. I definitely will be using this medium to soap again.Manteca and clay