Hot process Shea butter soap

I recently bought a tiny slow cooker to try out hot process soap making. The difference between this methods and cold process is that you essentially cook all the lye out of the soap and its ready to use almost immediately. It’s perfect for the impatient soap

This was also an experimental soap with 90% Shea butter and 10% castor oil. I also used almond milk for part of the liquid and some sugar to help boost lather. The colour is from dark unsweetened baking cocoa powder.

Oil and fat melted and blended with a heaped teaspoon full of dark baking chocolate.

Oil and fat melted and blended with a heaped teaspoon full og dark baking chocolate.

Soap went to thick trace as soon as the lye solution hit the oils.

Soap went to thick trace as soon as the lye solution hit the oils.

Cooking away...

Cooking away…

Shea butter soap unmoulded

Shea butter soap unmoulded



I’ve tried the soap and it feels really creamy with some light bubbles. I will give it another try in a week when all the excess water has evaporated. Oh…it’s fragranced with oatmeal milk and honey fragrance. Very vanilla-ey.

Lavender Shea Olive body cream

We recently run out of our body salve and I decided to make a version with no beeswax but with Shea butter and cocoa butter.

This recipe is 2 parts Shea butter, 3 parts olive oil {infused with calendula} and a smidgen of cocoa butter.


I got impatient waiting for it too cool and solidify at room temperature so I stuck it in the fridge. It came out semi solid but by the time it warmed to room temp overnight, it became more fluid though the oil and butters didn’t separate.

I can still smell the pungent Shea through the lavender essential oil, but in a really pleasant way. Now to find a bottle to pour the mixture into…if we don’t finish using it by then!

re beeswax, if i want to keep using the tin i poured it into, i will definitely need to add some. I made a rosemary oil and butter concoction for my hair with a tablespoon of beeswax added and its holding its shape in the tin though its still quite soft to scoop.

Non talc powder

Heat rash sucks! Especially on little ones. I’m not a fan either!!! I decided to try my hands at making home made body powder gentle enough for my baby and after trawling the net for recipes, I decided to give a cornstarch, baking soda and bentonite clay recipe a try {my concoction}. It’s really very simple to make.

Pounding bentonite clay in my fancy smancy marble mortar and pestle

Pounding bentonite clay in my fancy  marble mortar and pestle

I also added lavender and tea tree essential oils to tackle/soothe the itch. Baby seems happy and I really like the fragrance combination. It seemed to work for me also though after trying it direct on my skin, next time I think i will stick to 100% clay recipe. I may even attempt a face powder with it…hmmm

Here’s the finished product:

Powdery goodness

Powdery goodness