Scummy scum

If you have made the switch to traditional handcrafted soap, you may find that you need to clean out your tub/shower more often than you used to.

This is due to two things:

Handcrafted soap usually contains a small portion of oil/butters that don’t turn into soap during the process. This is deliberate, to help nourish skin. Unfortunately, it also leaves a scummy coating behind in the bath/shower. This is the good reason.

Most commercial soaps (if not all) contain a synthetic detergent responsible for the foam and there’s hardly any excess oil left behind. Its the same type of detergent that goes in your household cleaning products so the foam from your bath also ‘cleans’ the bath/shower as it does. This is the not-so-good reason.

I find that my skin is much healthier after making the switch and the extra work is worth it {at least that’s what I tell myself to get me through it!}.

I thought to include a picture with this post but….ugh!!!

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