Insect repellent lotion bar

I recently gave my tub of insect repellent to my young cousins as the headed to the village for the Christmas season.

Yesterday as I was prepping dinner outside, enjoying the cool hammartan breeze, I was attacked by a legion of sand flies!!! In seconds I was covered in hot bites totally killing the moment.

I decided to try to make a lotion bar from a book I bought {my buttered life} because I had everything I needed to hand.

A lotion bar is essentially an oil based ‘lotion’ that stays solid at room temp, held together by a high amount of beeswax. It also helps to use hard oils and butters. Actually it’s like using a bar of soap to moisturise the body.

Here it is just poured:


And after hand washing the dishes and pots:


And a few hours later:


To use a lotion bar, simply grab one and rub directly on your body. You can also rub it in your hands and then rub on your body. It leaves a very light coating on the skin. It’s super cool.

What makes this lotion bug/insect repellent is the addition of Citronella essential oil to the coconut oil, Shea butter, beeswax mix. You can add any essential oil of choice to make it a regular lotion bar, some zinc oxide for sun protection, etc.

I think it’s the best thing that’s happend to my hands in a while…lol

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