Rebatch embeds

The salt bar rebatch episode a couple of days seeded another idea in my head.

I’m not {yet} one of those soap makers who do a lot of prep work ahead of a soapmaking session but I’ve always admired circular embeds in soap. Normally, this would involve either making CP soap and moulding the balls before it hardens/using a scoopy tool, or making CP soap in specially shaped moulds. Bleh!

I rebatched a few more bars of base soap with more liquid than necessary. This allowed me to use my stick blender to smoothen the texture. After the soap cooled down, it remained workable for a couple of days.

This ‘hairy’ soap ball was easy to mould by shaping a blob of soap between my palms. Now I’m looking forward to making a batch of soap with these beauties. The soap is fragranced with Lavender essential oil so it’s so soothing to work with.

By the way, the colour is from French red clay. A little goes a long way!

How NOT to make salt bars…

…except for personal use, maybe.

As I’m still waiting for my order of coconut oil, I decided to try other ways to make salt bars.

I like rebatch soap so this morning I thought…what if I rebatch a couple if bars of 100% coconut oil soap with a little more liquid than necessary and then add the salt when it’s all melted?

Which is exactly what I did. I grated up 3 bars of soap eventually and rebatched with a cup of coconut milk.

It all started out really well and I was ever so tempted to remould the soap as is, but nooooo…I was on a mission to make salt bars!

I added about half a cup of salt and it seemed to integrate well. So of course I added more.

Right before my eyes, the texture of the soap changed from silky and shiny to liquid-cementy. That’s the most graphic way I can describe it.

In it went very quickly into my tube mould though I suspected it wouldn’t stay together much. After about an hour, I unmoulded the soap and just as I thought it was crumbly but it didn’t fall apart.

I lathered up one puck and oh my word, the lather was dreamy! I’m keeping every bar for myself and here’s one in my bathroom already.

Salt bars last for ages if you keep them dry between uses so I suspect I’m stocked for the rest of the year.

Gremlins visited!

I’ve had a few mishaps happen during soaping – ricing, seizing, volcano, etc – but yesterday was the first time I had to clean up so much! I was measuring out my liquid coconut oil in a mason jar and when I lifted it off the scale, the bottom part literally fell out emptying about a liter (2 pounds-ish) of oil EVERYWHERE. It got into my cupboards, all over the floor and even in the digital reader of my scale!

I decided to give soaping a rest for the day but today I ‘revenged’ by making awesome salt bars for a custom order. I had to use up all my herbal infused oils to fill her order so this lucky lady is getting the benefits of calendula, neem, lemon, bay, myrrh, rosemary and activated charcoal in her salt bars.

She asked that they be fragrance free but they smell awesome from some of the more fragrant botanicals that I’ve been infusing for months and using in body butters for people with extra sensitive skin. I’m tempted to keep a couple of bars for myself if I can talk her out of them :D.