Aloe Vera ABS

Okay…I can’t get variations of liquid ABS out of my mind and one I’ve been meaning to try is with AV. I have several plants, some more than 3 years old and I remember reading somewhere that AV has skin benefits from 3 years on.

I harvested 3 leaves and scooped out the gel inside.

I then liquified the gel chunks with my immersion blender. Next I crumbled up my crumbly black soap and layered the AV and ABS alternatively in a mason jar.

The mixture needed some heat to help it combine. I recommend a few hours in a crockpot on low, or a double boiler on very gentle heat so as not to compromise the AV. Just because I had some on hand, I added a good pinch of ground calendula petals.

After the mixture has combined, I plan to add honey and a little coconut oil (both wonderful for the skin).

This is the consistency I’m going for


I’m excited to try this out soon, and will update this post with results.

*all the pictures in this post are borrowed from google image search as I was unable to photograph my process.*

Liquid ABS

My little girl has been complaining of itchy skin for a while and I finally decided to change her soap today.

African black soap is my go-to traditional remedy for most skin complaints but I wanted to make it more nourishing for my little treasure so I added honey {a great humectant} to dissolved crumbly black soap.


I left hers unscented but couldn’t resist saving myself a portion of the soap to which I added orange essential oil :D. It’s one of my all time favorite bath fragrance.


What I like about this soap is that it’s ready to use immediately and it can be customized almost endlessly. And it’s great for everyone – from newborns to crusty ol people 😀