Homemade Underarm Deodourant

I’ve been meaning to try my hands at making my own Deodourant for quite a while. I read a lot about the pros and cons of adding baking soda but finally decided to try a baking soda free recipe

This recipe contains
Coconut oil
Bentonite clay
Zinc oxide {optional}
Essential oil{s}

It goes on a little sticky for the first 30 seconds and then you get a lovely matte feeling that lasts most of the day, depending in what you put it through.

I really like this recipe – it’s simple and does all I need. And it smells great – the scent of the virgin coconut oil blends well with the orange oil I chose.

Ooh…I’m excited about the container also. I got a few and its brilliant for applying hard lotion (I make insect repellent lotion bars for my family and my 2yo can now apply it on herself with little fuss. 😀

2 thoughts on “Homemade Underarm Deodourant

  1. I could use some insect repellent cream for my boys too. The mosquitoes in my hood are on another P. lol. Are they safe to use every night though? No skin irritations or anything like that

    • Yes they are safe to use. The essential oils are at levels that shouldn’t cause sensitivities. The fragrance masks ‘human’ so the mosquitoes don’t alight. For sleep though I would recommend a good ol mosquito net.

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