Fruity {Papaya} Salt Bars

I was talking to a lady on Sunday who said she doesn’t buy salt scrubs because she ends up never using them. I totally understand her…I’m the same! Before I started making soap I bought tons of fancy products I ended up never using!

I had planned to make her a regular moisturising soap but decided to introduce her to salt bars instead, which I think is the best if both worlds. Then DH walked into the house with some juicy papaya…i couldn’t NOT incorporate it into the soap y’all.

20150218-222455.jpgpapaya purée

In addition to bentonite clay {which turned the soap a dark peach initially}, I also added some dark honey and this is the final result


Fragranced with Vanilla {why didn’t I use this fragrance sooner???!!! I will be needing a big bottle of this fragrance ASAP} it’s downright yummy! I have no doubt she will be pleased.

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