Colouring Soap

Earlier on in my soap making journey, a dear friend told me to stop making her green soap because it reminded her of Key Soap {a locally produced soap meant for laundry. This is not a compliment!}. Since then every time I pick up colour I’m reminded of that comment.

For about a week or so I’ve had a colour in mind. It persisted so I decided see what I could do since I didn’t have that particular colour on hand.


This aqua-ish colour was made from 2 parts mint green, one part navy blue and two parts titanium dioxide. I think the unrefined Shea butter also added a shade to this. The little dots are poppy seeds, just because 😀

The picture is a little darker than the real colour, and I really like how it’s turned out and I’m looking forward to trying out more combinations with the colours I have on hand.

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