Argan oil

I FINALLY came into possession of my first bottle of organic argan oil. I’ve been hearing nothing but good things about its excellent moisturising properties for face body nails and hair.


Argan oil is native to Morocco in north Africa and the its been enjoying global attention in a way that keeps the local producers very busy I’m sure 😀 I’ve also noticed that products with argan included cost a fair margin more than similar products. With a benefits list spotting all the buzz words: pimple reduction, anti aging, reduces scarring, antioxidant, etc, its no surprise why. Plus have you seen how beautiful Moroccan ladies are!

So far I’ve only used it on my face and the first thing I noticed was the silky texture of the oil and that it really did sink in very quickly. I used it in the morning and my complexion stayed feeling and looking matte all day. I will update when I use it in my normal humid climate but for now I’m enjoying the results.

Re-visiting old soap

Just about two years ago I visited my sister in the desert 😉 . While I was there I made my first soap ever with manteca {pig tallow or lard}. It was also my first time using Brazilian clays to colour soap instead of regular soap dyes.

I was very impressed by the finished soap and my sister even used it to brush her teeth. I don’t know why!

I’m visiting with her again and I brought one of the 2 surviving bars along for the journey. I didnt mean to keep the soap for 2 years but it just happened and im very happy it did. I’ve heard the saying that like fine wine good soap gets better with age. Its true for this soap. 


The lather is so creamy and cleansing, I think I’m spending more time in the shower than I usually do with this bar 😀

{Rapid} Hair Thickening Growth Serum

Last year I shared a picture of my hair with some friends in a discussion group. Everyone asked how I kept my thick kinky hair manageable. The truth is that it’s taken a while for me to settle on a ‘keeper’ hair product(s) and I’d also not taken the time to precisely measure my concoctions.

Washing is simple enough: I use liquid black soap with honey added. Sometimes i dilute the black soap with fresh aloe vera gel. I spray on diluted Apple Cider Vinegar afterward in place of conventional conditioner. I use a hair oil mix and sometimes hair butter {oils added to unrefined Shea butter} to moisturise my hair and scalp. That’s it!

I challenged myself to document my oil mix and the result is this golden all natural oil that I call my hair thickening/growth serum.

This serum is a blend of three carrier oils {castor bean oil, coconut oil and palm kernel oil} and three essential oils {rosemary, lavender and tea tree oil} that have been touted to do wonders for hair care/ thickening/ growth.

Coconut oil is said to be one of the oils that penetrates the hair shaft for effective delivery of nutrients to the hair.
Castor bean oil targets regrowth of thinning hair due to excessive pulling and heat damage. Many people have reported success in regrouping their hairline and slowing down balding within 6 months of just castor oil applications alone. Lots of people also use castor oil to lengthen their eyelashes but I’ve not personally tried that out yet.

Palm kernel oil is the main oil in a very popular ‘O’ hair care line and they claim the long shinny luscious locks of the women of the amazon forest can be attributed to this oil alone. Judging from their popularity and price point, their customers agree 😀

Rosemary essential oil has been used in hair care to stimulate hair growth and slowing down/ reversing greying. It helps to darken hair (to your original colour) with regular use. Tea tree essential oil is my go-to EO for dry itchy scalp problems. It’s stimulating effect also improves blood flow to the scalp. Lavender is one of those oils that shows up often. In hair care, it is used to stop hair loss, promote regrowth, and healthy shinny hair.

I’ve used the maximum recommended amount for topical application of this EO blend so its potent stuff. This oil mix can be used daily and for a hot oil steam. The steam activates the essential oil fragrances and its like a mini aromatherapy session ❤

Here's what I like best: although the virgin carrier oils all have distinct smells {the PKO is a dark smoky/nutty smell but reminds me of my great grandma so I find it strangely comforting} and the essential oils also have strong character, after a few days the blend is mild. This is important because I don't want the smell in my hair overpowering my sinuses as I go about my day in hot steamy Lagos!

100% PKO soap with a twist

What do you get when you mash up a couple of

20150501-142731.jpgin a couple of spoons of


You have half the ‘liquid’ portion of my recent salt spa soap. I moulded half the batch in my regular cylinder mould then I added kosher coarse ground sea salt to the remainder

20150501-142938.jpg for the first time and moulded in individual cavity moulds.

Also had some good Palm Kernel Oil on hand and made this 100%. While the properties of PKO are similar to Coconut Oil in soap, this oil makes fluffy dense lather.

i was also surprised that my skin did not feel tight at all (even Castile makes my facial skin tight if I don’t moisturise). Also, I feel my skin looked brighter and DH agrees. This may be due to the yogurt and banana. I’m going to continue using this exclusively for a couple of weeks. I’m also calling the supplier for an additional 10kg!