Water Soluble Bath & Shower Oil

A bath oil – for the uninitiated like I was until recently – is oil in bath water. The idea is to harness the skin softening properties of the chosen oil while having a soak.

I’ve never tried bath oils because I only receltly noticed them, and I hardly ever have a soak. In fact the only thing that gets soaked in water for lengths of time is our laundry 😀 Plus I think the clean up of the bathtub would totally undo my enjoyment of the experience so it wasn’t on my “to try” list.

I was reading about dispersion of oil in water with the aid of an emulsifier and I thought “hey, how about a soluble bath/shower oil”


The solubulizer/emulsifier I used is Ploysorbate 80. Mixed with the oil at a 1:4 ratio, it turns into a creamy rinse off solution as soon as water touches it.

To use it, massage a little oil into dry skin from ankle to shoulder and then rinse off in the shower. It feels like washing with a very light conditioner (depending on the oils used). It rinses off without leaving an oil slick on the skin or on the shower floor. I was surprised at how cleansing it was without drying out my skin.

My 11 month old has also used this oil in his baby bath soak. I put about a tablespoon in his warm bath water and it immediately dispersed releasing the soothing chamomile I used as fragrance.

I will definitely be trying out different combinations of oils and butters. Oooh my soaps are going to get cleansing-envy 😀

Water-based Body Splash

This project has been a looooooong time coming. I like perfume but on hot days I like the refreshing feeling of a lightly fragranced body splash. It serves to help cool me down while delivering a gentle aroma-therapy.
This recipe is mainly water (97% to be exact) and the remaining is made up of a fragrance blend, an emulsifier (polysorbate 20) and a preservative (because mold loooves to grow in water based products if unchecked).


It all comes together in a flash and the resulting solution is cloudy/milky but non staining on clothes. I tried this on a black jersy teeshirt! Best of all, it feels and smells amazing. I sprayed a couple of spirits on my arm about an hour ago and I’m still gently enveloped by the fragrance, plus the room smells amazing yo boot 😀 ❤

The fragrance I used is Rosewood Musk. Next I'm trying an essential oil blend of lavender and chamomile for my niece and another in a vanilla/fruity blend that I have in hand. I'm really excited about this…