Intense Hydrating Lotion

My sister received a beautiful bouquet of flowers for her last birthday which included deep red roses. After a week, they had fully bloomed and just started to wilt.

Instead of throwing them into the compost I decided to grab the rosebuds with the intention doing either a refreshing rose water spritz, lotion or just dry them and infuse some jojoba oil with them.

I finally decided on lotion so first I made a very strong ‘tea’ with the petals. This tea made up 100% of the liquid portion of this lotion – for natural colour and fragrance. Luxurious organic jojoba and avocado oils together with unrefined cocoa butter and a ‘silky’ emulsifying wax makes this I have made so far. It sinks into the skin in less than a minute of application leaving behind skin that FEELS and looks intensley hydrated with no residue on the skin.


To test this lotion’s effectiveness I ditched my oil wash and exfoliated from ankle to torso with a sisal sponge and black soap before applying the lotion. The last time I did this I had scaly dry skin on my legs that just wouldn’t go away no matter how much oil and body butter I slathered on. This time though, the lotion did an excellent job of keeping my skin well hydrated overnight and again during most of the day. *happy dance*