Cupcake soaps round up

I’m done making cupcakes for this year and here’s what some lucky ladies will unwrap for Christmas


Too pretty to use!!

Aren’t they lovely! Thanks M and T for keeping me making cupcake soaps 😀

Remzo Soaps ~ gift set


4 shades of snowflakes

Funmi at Remzo has created this beautiful set of soaps. The front snowflake is a detox salt bar made with a blend of coarse and fine sea salt. Won’t you like to receive this for Christmas? Or you know someone who loves luxurious handmade soap? You can contact her at this email address

Three Gifts Soap

Looking in my stash of fragrance oils recently, I found a gem I didn’t know I had in stock…fankinsence and myrrh fragrance oil #happydance

Of course it had to go into my Christmas soap collection so I quickly made some orb and nugget embeds and dusted them with 24kt gold mica to complete the third part of the gifts presented to baby Jesus.


3Gifts soap

The complexion of the soap and the wavy cut is my nod to the manger. I also added some purple pigment at the top (not too visible) to hint at royalty.

What does it smell like? I have nothing to compare it to since this is the first time I’m smelling the combination. Its nice though, which doesn’t seem an adequate description.

This metaphor-laden soap is now curing alongside the other Christmas soap orders.

Chunk soap


Chunk soap featuring the Nini soap stamp

This chunk soap wraps up the cold process portion of my Christmas soaping. The chunks were saved from recent soap batches and the black ‘line’ is activated charcoal. Fragranced with menthol and an assortment of other fragrances from the chunks. All that said, I think the best part for me was dressing er up with the new Nini soap embossing stamp. #exhales 😀

New Soaper Feature

How do I describe Edith? Passionate is a little tame when it comes to her love for soapmaking. I first ‘met’ her when she called to order a specific soap that MUST contain lavender eo and camwood.
After that, I became aware she was interested in soapmaking and because she was too busy to attend a class, she bought some supplies from me and I customised a manual for her which she said “you wrote this with me in mind”.

In a manner of days she was creating soaps using additives I’d not even tried 😀 She however is not a fan of the 4 to 6 week wait so I wasn’t surprised when a few days ago, she bought a crocpot. This is the first beauty she created with it. ❤


This soap is reminiscent of a cruise (it reminds her of the sea). Olive and coconut oils make up the base recipe and she added ground oatmel to both portions of soap. Just based on the ingredients I know this will be a very soothing soap as we enter the drier seasons.

All I can say is look out for Edith and her brand Iamzibah

Soap Stamp

Its finally here! I have wanted a soap stamp from Lasercutz for eons….and now its here. 😀

I’ve been trying it out on a few curing soaps and this is what it looks like


I stamped a brown soap before this one and didn’t quite get all the bits out but I’m so happy how this stamps! ❤ ❤ ❤

It's easy to clean with a soft tooth brush (dedicated, of course) and I've seen some soapers use rubbing alcohol between stampings as well. #happydays

Menthol Soap

I enjoy warming menthol crystals in my essential oil warmer because in the cooler months, it helps us all sleep easier. A little goes a long way so I have quite a bit on hand.

Funmi – who has been busy experimenting with soap recipes and additives – mentioned that she was going to make soap with menthol crystals to see if she could match a popular blue antiseptic soap. Of course I took up the challenge and also whipped up a batch.


Menthol chocolate soap in the raw

I stuck to a very basic recipe in case things went awry but couldn’t resist adding yogurt, kaolin clay, honey and dark baking cocoa. I also couldn’t resist adding glitter to the top. I mean, why not? 

At 2% strength, the menthol came through enough for my liking but something tells me this is a soap to keep away from the ‘nether‘ regions 😀