Exciting News….(Giveaway Closed)

This giveaway is now closed. Thanks to everyone who took the time to participate.******

I’m having the very first Nini Body Treats ..


Why? Well why not! Its about 4 years ago that I started learning to make soap, reading books, blogs, tutorials and eventually buying a cold process soapmaking kit. And thanks to this blog, I’ve been able to keep enjoying my hobby in this ‘stay at home’ season of my life.

Back to the giveaway…

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4 Cs Soap

In a former lifetime I was a business consultant. How we like our acronyms and abbreviation! I’m happy to say this soap has nothing to do with that life but when I was planning the soap, the C ingredients just jumped out at me 😀

A dear lady who has been using my soaps for a while asked me to remake her 3 girls’ just finishing carrot soap.
The basic moisturising recipe I make for young ones is this same for this soap but the star ingredients (in addition to kaolin Clay and Carrot) are Camwood and Chamomile extracts. Camwood is used traditionally for baby skin in my culture and chamomile is said to have soothing properties.

And because the soap is for girls, I couldn’t help adding some ‘diamond’ glitter on the top.


A better view of the glitter. Yes, its Hot Process

I hope they like using them as much as I enjoyed making it for them. What does it smell like? Bubblegum, of course 😀