Whipped Hair and Body Butter

I don’t often get the chance to make whipped body butter because I really don’t have any patience for the cleanup. If you have never heard of a whipped body butter, you are not alone 🙂 I’m surprised how often I’m asked to explain what it is.

Hard and soft oils are combined and whipped till its the consistency of frosting (depending on how hot it is where you are, in my experience)


Whipping in progress. Picture courtest holosticsquid via Google

Its best to start whipping when the mixture is firm and cold but if that’s not possible, you can still impart beautiful fluffy melty texture to your whipped butter. It can be used all ovev the body and also in the hair based on the oils you add to the butters.

Here’s half of a very recent custom order I made. I can’t tell you exactly what’s in it because the client supplied the recipe. But I can tell you its goooooood.


Custom order of whipped butter. Melty goodness ❤

Would you believe you are looking at just under 4kg of whipped butter?!! Thank you beautiful lady customer 😉 for the opportunity to serve your business.

On Soap and Skin Lightening

Hands down, the most popular question I get asked about soap is related to natural skin lightening.

My answer is usually no. The essence of what I do is to create soap and other body products that are free of unnecessary chemicals. Even the fragrance oils I use pass strict standards and I can provide their MSDS.

However, some customers have reported that since they switched to using real soap, they have noticed their skin getting lighter and more glowy (I don’t even know what that really means 😀 ) to the point that people they live and work with notice. Co/incidentally these soaps have milk and or yogurt included.

I’m not a dermatologist but from my research, I can conclude that using products that nourish skin and are not chemical laden DO help the skin to regenerate and reverses the effects of sun exposure, which automatically leaves you one or two shades lighter than before!

Of course you need to follow up with a moisturiser with sun protection and stay out of the sun (10am to 4pm) as much as you can to prevent further sun damage to your skin. Soap is a wash off product but it sets a good foundation for what you put on it.

So based purely on anecdotal evidence and customer reviews, it appears I DO make all-natural skin lightening soap 😉

Avocado Goatsmilk Soap

My mum returned from her trip home with a basket full of organic avocado from her compound. They were delicious and creamy. And I just had to soap with it 😀

I was already prepping for a regular milk soap for a lady with an atopic skin condition and decided to take the luxury and skin benefits to another level. I replaced half of the water with fresh avocado puree (that’s a lot) and the other half was the milk.


I tried the pH of this soap as soon as I cut it less than 24 hours after it was made and it was 8 (the pH of water is 7). This will be a very mild and very creamy soap once its fully cured.

Herbal Infusion Soap

A few months ago, I learned a technique to extract components from herbs more effectively and I set to experimenting with African violet, camwood and neem leaves.

I made 2 batches of soap, one with the camwood infused oil and the other with the neem.


Camwood soap. This was the soap in the giveaway BTW

The camwood soap was made with goats milk and dark cocoa powder, in addition to kaolin clay and honey. The milk and sugars really made this soap’s lather dense and luxe.

The neem oil infusion was a very dark green with a very herbal smell – strong but not as strong as neem oil. I decided to add a heaping tablespoon of the infused neem leaves into the soap batter for some interest.


Neem soap. The color is entirely from the infused oil which was 50% of the recipe

What surprised me about this soap is the fragrance. I left this soap fragrance free and the final bar smells nothing like neem! Im not sure I can describe the fragrance – its soft and quite pleasant. Time permitting, I’m going to pay more attention to how different combinations of my soaping oils smell without extra fragrance.

And in case you were wonderimg…The African violet initially gave up its vibrant but delicate purple colour but turned brown within an hour so I didn’t use it in the lotion I was planning to use it in.

Calendula and chamomile are my next infusions, in preparation for a gentle and soothing castile baby/ultra sensitive skin soap. And lavender…if I can get my hands on some quality dreid buds in time ❤