Avocado Goatsmilk Soap

My mum returned from her trip home with a basket full of organic avocado from her compound. They were delicious and creamy. And I just had to soap with it 😀

I was already prepping for a regular milk soap for a lady with an atopic skin condition and decided to take the luxury and skin benefits to another level. I replaced half of the water with fresh avocado puree (that’s a lot) and the other half was the milk.


I tried the pH of this soap as soon as I cut it less than 24 hours after it was made and it was 8 (the pH of water is 7). This will be a very mild and very creamy soap once its fully cured.


7 thoughts on “Avocado Goatsmilk Soap

  1. Hey Nini. Great job with the blog, I always look forward to reading whatever new post lands in my mailbox.
    I’m a newbie soaper and I’m thinking of trying my hand at goat’s milk soap.
    Please where on earth…..ok, Nigeria, can I get goats milk?!

    • Apologies for getting back to you so late. The truth is I dont know. I buy organic powdered goats milk abroad. Goat’s milk is more available in the north I hear if you have contacts there?

      • I have people in the north but I don’t know where they can find it.
        Powdered sounds easier to work with. I saw that on jumia but the price was enough to buy a goat.
        If all else fails, I’ll try regular cow milk. I read its not as effective though.
        Thanks for sharing, Nini!

      • Someone mentioned organic shoppe? Perhaps check them online. I’ve never bought from them but I know someone who has. Also there’s a shop in Ojota that has been carrying the same expired sachet of GM since mid last year so please insit on knowing the expiry date 🙂

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