Chocolate Orange Soap

Orange peel powder is so fragrant, it almost totally overtook the natural fragrance of the virgin coconut oil I infused it in within the first day.

I soaped the infused oil with 20% Shea butter and a full tablespoon of unsifted orange peel powder, dark unsweetened cacao powder, honey and kaolin clay.


I left this soap unfragraned to see how the orange smell would come through and at the end, I threw in some soap shreds I had made a few days prior just for visual interest. Next time I may make orange shreds in keeping with the chocolate orange theme.

I couldn’t wait to get this soap unmoulded and kept sniffing it as I walked by 😀 The orange doesn’t hit you in the face but its there…nice and subtle, waiting to be activated with warm water. The orange peel grounds make for very gentle exfoliation so this is one to use directly on the skin.

This is a keeper, perfect for people who don’t want or can’t handle fragrance in their bath products.


Three Gifts Soap

Looking in my stash of fragrance oils recently, I found a gem I didn’t know I had in stock…fankinsence and myrrh fragrance oil #happydance

Of course it had to go into my Christmas soap collection so I quickly made some orb and nugget embeds and dusted them with 24kt gold mica to complete the third part of the gifts presented to baby Jesus.


3Gifts soap

The complexion of the soap and the wavy cut is my nod to the manger. I also added some purple pigment at the top (not too visible) to hint at royalty.

What does it smell like? I have nothing to compare it to since this is the first time I’m smelling the combination. Its nice though, which doesn’t seem an adequate description.

This metaphor-laden soap is now curing alongside the other Christmas soap orders.

Hot Process Cupcake

Sooooo….I never would have thunk it 😀 but I made hot process cupcakes.

I’ve been filling an order for cupcake soaps and I got it into my head to do different designs for variety.

After the first near perfect batch, I set to repeat the exact same process and had a major fail. The soap got so hot and so thick it literally ‘cooked’ in the bowl. It ended up in the crockpot because its still useful soap.

Third time round, I decided on a double batch. It was so hot outside…not a lick of moisture in the air. Of course the batter traced rapidly and started to heat up VERY rapidly. I spilled some batter in my haste 😦 but look what I made


Red velvet cupcake with vanila frosting. Soap, of course

The base is the colour of rich red velvet cake {a mixture of dark baking cocoa and brick red pigment}. Sooo scrummy looking. Fragranced in Black Raspberry Vanilla.

I’ve seen the stick blended hot process soaping technique online but I never thought I would give it a try. Thanks to the super high temperatures, I now have that technique ticked off my to try list.

Aloe Vera Soap

When a dear friend asked me to make soap for her son at his request, I felt I had to make him something special. His mum usually gets the French Red Clay soap but I switched it out for Activated Charcoal.


Soap in my very busy crocpot 🙂

I also switched half the water for aloe vera gel.


In the mould

I’m also tickled to be using this silicone loaf mould for the very first time. I’ve had my eye on one for about 2 years. I now own 2 🙂


The cut...

This soap is scented with a blend of Black Tea fo and Eucalyptus eo  because he’s in university in the UK (they love their tea!) and its getting colder as autumn/fall progresses. It smells really good!


You can see the poppy seeds in flashlight

It was a real pleasure to fill this order.


It's a wrap!

Felted Soap

I’ve had my eye on this project for a while and actually ordered wool roving months ago. Happy to finally get this project ticked off my list!

Felted soap is basically soap wrapped in wool. As the wool is agitated around the soap, it felts together and tightens around the soap. What you are left with is essentially a soap and washcloth in one.


Wool roving in popping colour

Felted soap tends to last longer in the shower (if you drain it well between uses of course) and when the soap runs out, the left behind felt can be used as a facial scrubbie because wool is naturally antimicrobial. Another thing you can do is put a slit in the side and insert another soap. Or you can just use it to clean your bathroom sink and tub.


Felted soap 1

I really like how these turned out. I immediately want to felt up some Castile soap. I have a year old one that’s been winking at me for a while now 😀


Felted soap 2

Felting soap is labour intensive but makes beautiful unique gifts. What do you think? These are definitely going in my Christmas gift sets this year.

Hot Process Confetti Soap

I’d like to say this soap turned out just as I imagined it, but that would be an understatement.


I wanted to make something special for a lady who’s been very supportive of my soaps. She wanted two different batches for variety and I decided on a Confetti Soap for one of them. {and if you were wondering the other batch had poppy seeds for a little scrubbiness and visual impact}.

Instead of grating up the coloured soaps {teal, pink, brown, copper, African black soap} , I decided to crumble them in rough chunks. The last time I grated, the soap noodles melted right into the hot soap, leaving everything a strange muddled up colour. This soap will stay pretty till the last sliver.

I stirred the soap crumbles in right after fragrancing with a blend of Fresh Cut Roses and BRV, an interesting combination in itself. If only I had enough foresight to make enough to keep a couple for myself *sighs*

Yogurt Spa Salt Soap

I introduced a lady to salt bars early last year and since then she’s enjoyed many different variations and additives. This time I had some homemade Greek style yogurt on hand so I replaced half the water content with that.


This is the bar I saved for myself after trying out the lather. You’d think after a while this would be redundant for a soap maker… but the LATHER was awesome ❤ ❤ ❤ like a thick cleansing creme in a bar, leaving behind clean pores and smooth feeling skin. I didn’t even mind that I was bathing with cold water (not by choice I tell you!) it made it all the more invigorating.

Fragranced with Black Raspberry Vanilla,  there's nothing not to love about this truly spa-like indulgence. If you’ve never tried a spa salt bar, you really are missing out 😉