Menthol Soap

I enjoy warming menthol crystals in my essential oil warmer because in the cooler months, it helps us all sleep easier. A little goes a long way so I have quite a bit on hand.

Funmi – who has been busy experimenting with soap recipes and additives – mentioned that she was going to make soap with menthol crystals to see if she could match a popular blue antiseptic soap. Of course I took up the challenge and also whipped up a batch.


Menthol chocolate soap in the raw

I stuck to a very basic recipe in case things went awry but couldn’t resist adding yogurt, kaolin clay, honey and dark baking cocoa. I also couldn’t resist adding glitter to the top. I mean, why not? 

At 2% strength, the menthol came through enough for my liking but something tells me this is a soap to keep away from the ‘nether‘ regions 😀


Hot Process Cupcake

Sooooo….I never would have thunk it 😀 but I made hot process cupcakes.

I’ve been filling an order for cupcake soaps and I got it into my head to do different designs for variety.

After the first near perfect batch, I set to repeat the exact same process and had a major fail. The soap got so hot and so thick it literally ‘cooked’ in the bowl. It ended up in the crockpot because its still useful soap.

Third time round, I decided on a double batch. It was so hot outside…not a lick of moisture in the air. Of course the batter traced rapidly and started to heat up VERY rapidly. I spilled some batter in my haste 😦 but look what I made


Red velvet cupcake with vanila frosting. Soap, of course

The base is the colour of rich red velvet cake {a mixture of dark baking cocoa and brick red pigment}. Sooo scrummy looking. Fragranced in Black Raspberry Vanilla.

I’ve seen the stick blended hot process soaping technique online but I never thought I would give it a try. Thanks to the super high temperatures, I now have that technique ticked off my to try list.

Another Soapmaker ‘born’

Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting one of my ‘silent followers’ when she came for a soapmaking class.

Funmi is already a natural products lady – she uses black soap and Shea butter almost exclusively, and was looking to learn how to make other types of natural soap for herself and her family.

The (healthy) fear of Sodium Hydroxide had kept her from making soap in the past but in just a couple of hours, she went from scared to this:


Check out her fancy swirled top...


First time cold process soap. Colour variation from pigment and partial gel.

In her own words,

I met nini body treats via a comment on NN blog. I decided to check out her site. I loved what i saw. I think what captivated me most was the way she wrote about her soap, it was as though she was talking about exotic beauties. When i found out she had classes, i decided to attend.. took awhile before i was free to attend, but i enjoyed every minute of our class when it eventually happened. I fell in love with the art (ive been on the internet and researching and trying to learn more) . She broke down the process of cold process soap making in suvh a way that my interest was awoken. She explained the chemistry behind the process and also we did a sample in the class. Infact, she made it seem so easy that i was ready to start production :D. But honestly, the process was really simplified, she explained d components of the different oils and how to avhieve d perfect soap. She also gave me sites, links and told me where i could get my supplies.. it was a well spent time with Ninibodytreats. Thank you for the class and for sharing so much with me.

I felt very proud of her achievement and I’m sure she will be making more soap soon because she took a Starter Kit home with her. I look forward to her future creations.

Aloe Vera Soap

When a dear friend asked me to make soap for her son at his request, I felt I had to make him something special. His mum usually gets the French Red Clay soap but I switched it out for Activated Charcoal.


Soap in my very busy crocpot 🙂

I also switched half the water for aloe vera gel.


In the mould

I’m also tickled to be using this silicone loaf mould for the very first time. I’ve had my eye on one for about 2 years. I now own 2 🙂


The cut...

This soap is scented with a blend of Black Tea fo and Eucalyptus eo  because he’s in university in the UK (they love their tea!) and its getting colder as autumn/fall progresses. It smells really good!


You can see the poppy seeds in flashlight

It was a real pleasure to fill this order.


It's a wrap!

Felted Soap

I’ve had my eye on this project for a while and actually ordered wool roving months ago. Happy to finally get this project ticked off my list!

Felted soap is basically soap wrapped in wool. As the wool is agitated around the soap, it felts together and tightens around the soap. What you are left with is essentially a soap and washcloth in one.


Wool roving in popping colour

Felted soap tends to last longer in the shower (if you drain it well between uses of course) and when the soap runs out, the left behind felt can be used as a facial scrubbie because wool is naturally antimicrobial. Another thing you can do is put a slit in the side and insert another soap. Or you can just use it to clean your bathroom sink and tub.


Felted soap 1

I really like how these turned out. I immediately want to felt up some Castile soap. I have a year old one that’s been winking at me for a while now 😀


Felted soap 2

Felting soap is labour intensive but makes beautiful unique gifts. What do you think? These are definitely going in my Christmas gift sets this year.

Lavender Camwood Soap

I like coincidences. Just a few days after making my African Black Soap and Camwood paste, I got a call from a lady who specifically wanted Camwood {and lavender essential oil, honey and bentonite clay} in her soap. In her words, she likes ‘all things natural’ so she had done a lot if research.

20150410-231003.jpg I was happy to oblige and this is the result. The dark flecks are Camwood and you can see bits of bentonite and kaolin clays I added.

Of course I tested a piece in the shower. The Camwood gave good exfoliation -a little scratchy but not unpleasant- while the lavender eo was very calming and soothing. I felt like taking a nap afterward 😀

Camwood, sometimes called African sandalwood has been used for centuries to clean baby skin {in fact, it prominently features in a prayer for pregnancy and safe delivery in my culture} and is the ‘osun’ part of the popular ‘Dudu Osun’ brand of African black soap. It is a coveted beauty ingredient now that its been proven {anecdote} to work wonders for a plethora of facial skin problems.

I’m quite happy with how this turned out and hope the lady who ordered it is too. ❤

Colouring Soap

Earlier on in my soap making journey, a dear friend told me to stop making her green soap because it reminded her of Key Soap {a locally produced soap meant for laundry. This is not a compliment!}. Since then every time I pick up colour I’m reminded of that comment.

For about a week or so I’ve had a colour in mind. It persisted so I decided see what I could do since I didn’t have that particular colour on hand.


This aqua-ish colour was made from 2 parts mint green, one part navy blue and two parts titanium dioxide. I think the unrefined Shea butter also added a shade to this. The little dots are poppy seeds, just because 😀

The picture is a little darker than the real colour, and I really like how it’s turned out and I’m looking forward to trying out more combinations with the colours I have on hand.