Curcumin Yogurt Citrus Peel Soap

Soaping with herbs and spices is a lot of fun – not to mention the extra skin benefits – and I always try to incorporate some in my soaps.

imageCurcumin Yogurt Citrus Peel Soap by NiniBodyTreats

This time, curcumin (turmeric) takes centre stage. This spice is touted to help naturally correct sun damage (amongst other things) and I decided to help it along with a lot of probiotic yogurt and citrus peel powder for gentle exfoliation.

Exfoliating soaps are better used directly on the skin, so I’ve used a recipe that makes satisfying bubbly lather.

This batch is soap 4 of 6 (I will blog about the set when they are are all ready) in my fragrance free soapy creations and it doesn’t dissapoint ❤ .


No Fragrance, Please

I’m increasingly coming in contact with people who do not care for or tolerate fragrance – even essential oils. Oh, yes…and colour. That’s also a no-no.

While I love Shea butter for its multiple healing qualities, some of the raw batches I was getting were a little to ‘smoky’ for my liking. Thankfully, I’ve now found TWO sources for low odour raw Shea butter {which I filter for debris} so I can now confidently make shea rich body butters *yay*

Also, after lots of trial I now have a couple of formulae for soaps (bar, spa, scrubs and liquid) that smell really nice without fragrance. Sometimes its the oil, other times its the botanical infusion, but the result is pleasant smelling soap without added fragrance.

I’m really excited about this and I will update with pictures. In the meantime, if you are on instagram, I will be posting a picture of ‘Virgin’, a pure white 100% virgin coconut oil spa salt bar with kaolin clay, coconut milk and nothing else 😀 Its really quite special ❤ #ninibodytreats

Natural Herbal Hair Gel

The past few months have been horrible to my natural hair as the dryness licked every drop of moisture from my hair and roots. No matter what I did to it, it still felt like bad hair day everyday!

Hair gel is one of those styling products that I’ve used to tame my tresses in the past but I really didn’t need another hair product stealing something from my already dry hair. And it does take A.LOT of gel to get a decent look. So of course I set to researching natural hair gel.


Trying to capture the viscosity of the gel in a still picture

After lots of experimenting, I found the right thickening agent for me and instead of just making ordinary gel, I decided on an aqueous extract of a mix of herbs to target scalp health (very important to me), shine and growth.


My hair 12 hours after using the gel to get my hair into a low bun

The result was a wonderfully herbal smelling gel that went on smoothly and didn’t dry in a crunchy way. I’ve also used this gel to style my little girls hair excellent results. The feel of the gel is more slick than commercial gel but that’s a very minor minus considering the good things its doing to our hair and scalp 😀

NiniBodyTreats is on Instagram…

…and how’s that a big deal? Well, I ‘swore’ off social media a couple of years ago and I didn’t want to get sucked in again.

A lady I met at the plastics market convinced me to give it a shot and its been fun and wearying as well…I mean how many hastags does one really need to get a picture noticed? For someone who has been content with people just stumbling on this blog (0 points for business sense), being on a platform where I have to say “#hey #please #please #look #at #my #photo…” gets a little too much 😀


My reason for starting this soap making journey. She's always ready to help me any way she can. ❤ ❤

That said, if you would like to know what this beautiful little lady is holding in her hand, head on over to instagram and find me @ninibodytreats or #ninibodytreats 😀

Avocado Goatsmilk Soap

My mum returned from her trip home with a basket full of organic avocado from her compound. They were delicious and creamy. And I just had to soap with it 😀

I was already prepping for a regular milk soap for a lady with an atopic skin condition and decided to take the luxury and skin benefits to another level. I replaced half of the water with fresh avocado puree (that’s a lot) and the other half was the milk.


I tried the pH of this soap as soon as I cut it less than 24 hours after it was made and it was 8 (the pH of water is 7). This will be a very mild and very creamy soap once its fully cured.

Herbal Infusion Soap

A few months ago, I learned a technique to extract components from herbs more effectively and I set to experimenting with African violet, camwood and neem leaves.

I made 2 batches of soap, one with the camwood infused oil and the other with the neem.


Camwood soap. This was the soap in the giveaway BTW

The camwood soap was made with goats milk and dark cocoa powder, in addition to kaolin clay and honey. The milk and sugars really made this soap’s lather dense and luxe.

The neem oil infusion was a very dark green with a very herbal smell – strong but not as strong as neem oil. I decided to add a heaping tablespoon of the infused neem leaves into the soap batter for some interest.


Neem soap. The color is entirely from the infused oil which was 50% of the recipe

What surprised me about this soap is the fragrance. I left this soap fragrance free and the final bar smells nothing like neem! Im not sure I can describe the fragrance – its soft and quite pleasant. Time permitting, I’m going to pay more attention to how different combinations of my soaping oils smell without extra fragrance.

And in case you were wonderimg…The African violet initially gave up its vibrant but delicate purple colour but turned brown within an hour so I didn’t use it in the lotion I was planning to use it in.

Calendula and chamomile are my next infusions, in preparation for a gentle and soothing castile baby/ultra sensitive skin soap. And lavender…if I can get my hands on some quality dreid buds in time ❤