Everything you need to know about soap-making before you take a class

So i put together a small ebook for people who are not sure if soap-making is for them or not…before they make an investment in a class.


I get a lot of questions in my Instagram DM (@ninibodytreats) and after years of giving advice, I have put this frank insight together for you. It is available to purchase in/for Nigeria at the moment though as that is my main market in a manner of speaking.

By the way, that’s not me in the picture 😀 She is a model and I purchased her picture online.  I feel her smile is just as warm as mine 🙂

How I Make Ginger Oil

A few days ago I posted this picture on my instagram page @ninibodytreats.

It’s wet ginger pulp in case you are wondering and in spite of all the things it could have ended up being, my only intention was to turn it into aromatic oil for use in bath and body products. 

To make the oil, I thoroughly dry out the pulp before maceration. 

If I’m in a hurry, I use a small crocpot to gently steep the dried herb in oil (either a single oil or combination) on very low heat for over 6 hours. If I have time on my side, I steep the herb in oil in a glass jar for 6 weeks, shaking the bottle at least once a day.

The result is the most fragrant natural oil that can be used directly (depending on the ratio of herb to oil) or mixed with Shea or cocoabutter for a warming body butter. I also use it in lip balm. 

Hope this has been useful. I would like to hear about your herbal oil creations.

NiniBodyTreats is on Instagram…

…and how’s that a big deal? Well, I ‘swore’ off social media a couple of years ago and I didn’t want to get sucked in again.

A lady I met at the plastics market convinced me to give it a shot and its been fun and wearying as well…I mean how many hastags does one really need to get a picture noticed? For someone who has been content with people just stumbling on this blog (0 points for business sense), being on a platform where I have to say “#hey #please #please #look #at #my #photo…” gets a little too much 😀


My reason for starting this soap making journey. She's always ready to help me any way she can. ❤ ❤

That said, if you would like to know what this beautiful little lady is holding in her hand, head on over to instagram and find me @ninibodytreats or #ninibodytreats 😀