Aloe Vera Soap

When a dear friend asked me to make soap for her son at his request, I felt I had to make him something special. His mum usually gets the French Red Clay soap but I switched it out for Activated Charcoal.


Soap in my very busy crocpot 🙂

I also switched half the water for aloe vera gel.


In the mould

I’m also tickled to be using this silicone loaf mould for the very first time. I’ve had my eye on one for about 2 years. I now own 2 🙂


The cut...

This soap is scented with a blend of Black Tea fo and Eucalyptus eo  because he’s in university in the UK (they love their tea!) and its getting colder as autumn/fall progresses. It smells really good!


You can see the poppy seeds in flashlight

It was a real pleasure to fill this order.


It's a wrap!

Aloe Vera Hair Styling Creme

I harvested 3 large leaves from one of my aloe vera plants to make soap with but somewhere along the line, that plan was totally abandoned for a styling cream.

What I did different this time is that I allowed most of the aloin (the bitter part of AV, also used as a laxative) in the plant to mix with the gel because I’ve read many research papers that showed that topical applications of aloin for skin issues and wound healing have been documented for decades.


Aloe vera turned purple gel ❤ ❤

I added a little preservative becsuse the strong enzymes in AV start to break it down very quickly once its cut, and stuck it in the fridge while I sanitized my other utensils. One hour later it had turned this lovely purple gel colour.


Emulsifying with a stick blender

The colour didn’t make it through the emulsion stage though. This hue is mostly from the unrefined shea butter and unrefined PKO. I used conditioning emulsifier because its essentially a very thick cream for hair and while you can actually apply this mixture to skin, using a regular emulsifier for body lotion in my hair has not been a hit. Ask me how I know 🙂


Just what my dry hair ordered 🙂

The resulting creme is thick and fluffy with good non-sticky slip, just what my dry kinky hair ordered. Essential oils of rosemary and tea tree add the final touch to what is now a staple for my family’s daily hair care.

Aloe Vera ABS

Okay…I can’t get variations of liquid ABS out of my mind and one I’ve been meaning to try is with AV. I have several plants, some more than 3 years old and I remember reading somewhere that AV has skin benefits from 3 years on.

I harvested 3 leaves and scooped out the gel inside.

I then liquified the gel chunks with my immersion blender. Next I crumbled up my crumbly black soap and layered the AV and ABS alternatively in a mason jar.

The mixture needed some heat to help it combine. I recommend a few hours in a crockpot on low, or a double boiler on very gentle heat so as not to compromise the AV. Just because I had some on hand, I added a good pinch of ground calendula petals.

After the mixture has combined, I plan to add honey and a little coconut oil (both wonderful for the skin).

This is the consistency I’m going for


I’m excited to try this out soon, and will update this post with results.

*all the pictures in this post are borrowed from google image search as I was unable to photograph my process.*

Mint Castile

I was listening to my husband preach about the diligent hardworking woman and it seemed appropriate to make some soap {any excuse really}.

This batch is a Mint infused Castile (100% Olive Oil) with Aloe Vera and Coconut Milk. Unscented. It would be interesting to see if the sweet mint smell in the oil makes it through and lasts like the Rosemary one did.

Now for the hard part…waiting to enjoy it in April!

chilling in the mould

chilling in the mould