Detoxifying Deodourant


Last year I started making my own Deodourant (not antiperspirant) because I ran out of my commercial stick and I was starting to pay attention to all the risks associated with them.

I scoured the internet for weeks looking for a recipe I could try out and modify for my climate and preferences.

One of the successful ones I made contained bentonite clay and that’s where the fun started. The first couple of weeks I felt that my pits were rotting because – oh my – did I pong out! I would lift up my hands in public and immediately put them down again so as not to hurt anyone.

It was later that i was reading about ‘armpit detox’ {yes dahling, such a thing exists} that it all came together. Bentonite clay is used cosmetically to suck out impurities in the pores thereby detoxifying the skin.

Well, it turns out that applying a bentonite clay mask to the pits is also beneficial for vacuuming out impurities and toxins accumulated over time there too. This vacuuming process takes about a week (or 2 in my case as I was not getting the full on effect of a concentrated mask) and many people who’ve done it report that it improved the effectiveness of their deodourant while some said they no longer had any odour, even after an intense workout!!!

Although it was not what I originally intended, my pits have been detoxified {hard to say with a straight face 😀 } and I can report that it’s safe to lift my hands in public once again 😀

As soon as my order of Kaolin clay arrives I will be making another deodourant stick for everyday use.