Mosquito repellent cream

We’ve been trying out a homemade version of a bug/mosquito repellent cream and after one week of nightly use, I think I may be on to something.


This dark grainy picture is of my little one helping herself to the cream just before bedtime. It’s made up of equal parts cocobutter and olive oil {from my calendula infused batch} with about 4ml {i think} of citronella essential oil. The mixture took a few days to come together enough to a spreadable butter consistency but it melts on skin contact. same thing happened with the Shea-olive oil mix I tried previously.

I prefer this to bug spray {the type meant for the body} because the cream leaves a protective layer and nourishes the skin while we sleep.

I don’t quite know how to describe what citronella smells like. Herby/citrusy/repellenty 😀
It does remind me of a brand of commercial insect spray but in a much more pleasant way. That’s saying a lot because I HATE the smell of commercial insecticides even though they are necessary evil in the tropics.

When we run out of this batch, I’ll be trying out other essential oils that are touted as mosquito/bug repellents, or even a blend. Exciting times…lol