4 Cs Soap

In a former lifetime I was a business consultant. How we like our acronyms and abbreviation! I’m happy to say this soap has nothing to do with that life but when I was planning the soap, the C ingredients just jumped out at me 😀

A dear lady who has been using my soaps for a while asked me to remake her 3 girls’ just finishing carrot soap.
The basic moisturising recipe I make for young ones is this same for this soap but the star ingredients (in addition to kaolin Clay and Carrot) are Camwood and Chamomile extracts. Camwood is used traditionally for baby skin in my culture and chamomile is said to have soothing properties.

And because the soap is for girls, I couldn’t help adding some ‘diamond’ glitter on the top.


A better view of the glitter. Yes, its Hot Process

I hope they like using them as much as I enjoyed making it for them. What does it smell like? Bubblegum, of course 😀


Calendula and Camwood Baby Lotion


Calendula and Camwood Baby lotion. Not a great picture... Couldn't get the light right!

This Camwood and Calendula lotion in my mind is a fusion of traditional healing herbs used often for babies. I have made oil infusions of both herbs in the past to use as body and hair oil, as well as in lip balm and other anhydrous body balms.

For this lotion I used a tea of both herbs with Calendula infused sweet almond oil. I like sweet almond oil for baby lotion because it’s a very light oil and it absorbs easily with no greasy feeling.  This lotion keeps skin looking and feeling moisturized with no residue left on the skin.  Of course I kept a small tub for my own use 😀

French Red Clay facial soap

I gifted a bar of French red clay soap to a dear lady who called shortly after to ask what was in the soap because ‘it’s cleared the stubborn skin issues around my chin’.

I’m always pleasantly surprised at feedback like that because the primary reason I make soap is for the love of real soap {not detergent bars}, not for medicinal or dermatological reasons. Second is that I like to be able to pronounce what’s in my soap and body products 😉

20150116-115800.jpg She’s asked for her own batch 😀 which I’ve fancied up with Camwood infused coconut oil and crumbly black soap (that’s my thing at the moment) and scented with Lemongrass EO.