I finally did it… 😁

Its been many nights and many days since I was here. Thanks to the three people who kept reminding me of the treasure I abandoned here…I appreciate you ladies.

So, my soapmaking journey has mainly been about bar soaps but every now again someone will ask me about liquid soap…specifically for something a certain American Dr has been selling for over 60 years 😉.

Well, after 4 years of searching for a specific ingredient I could trust and trying out a couple of batches I can now confidently add liquid soap to our menu 🎉🎉🎉

Introducing the Nini Junior Moisturising Castile Soap for babies and sensitive adults.

It’s a simple clean formula with no unnecessary ingredients.

For the sharp eyed ones among you 😁😁😁 you have also picked up on something significant. Nini Junior happened without much fanfare in december 2016 because Nini Body Treats has a lot going on and i didnt want the products in this babies-and-sensitive-adults range to get lost.

So if you are on Instagram kindly show us some 💕💕💕 @ninijunior.ng

Thank you for reading this far and I will be back soon.


Hot Process Castile Soap


A couple of years ago, I decided making Castile soap was just not worth the wait time. I likes the fully cured bars but waiting 6 months to enjoy a soap is just not my idea of fun!

Then I read somewhere that HP speeds up the cure time to 2 months!!! Of course I had to try it out.

The soap was ready to unmould and cut as soon as it cooled – as opposed to waiting days to unmould and then a few more to cut cleanly (my first experience was a sticky tacky mess!!!)

I left the soap unfragranced but it smells so delicate – like fresh olives – and I can’t stop sniffing at it when I walk past my curing tray.

So I’m back on the Castile train…woot woot 🙂