Hot Process Confetti Soap

I’d like to say this soap turned out just as I imagined it, but that would be an understatement.


I wanted to make something special for a lady who’s been very supportive of my soaps. She wanted two different batches for variety and I decided on a Confetti Soap for one of them. {and if you were wondering the other batch had poppy seeds for a little scrubbiness and visual impact}.

Instead of grating up the coloured soaps {teal, pink, brown, copper, African black soap} , I decided to crumble them in rough chunks. The last time I grated, the soap noodles melted right into the hot soap, leaving everything a strange muddled up colour. This soap will stay pretty till the last sliver.

I stirred the soap crumbles in right after fragrancing with a blend of Fresh Cut Roses and BRV, an interesting combination in itself. If only I had enough foresight to make enough to keep a couple for myself *sighs*