Review of ToutShea Moisturising Soap


I was thinking of what to call the 100% shea butter soap and tout {meaning all in French jumped into my mind and I thought ‘touchΓ©…tout Shea!’

That bit of nerdiness out of the way πŸ™‚ I decided to give it a good testing before unleashing it on my family and friends.

Lather: this feels like bathing with a luxurious soapy milky lotion if that makes any sense. It rinses clean {which is important to me} but leaves behind skin that feels really really soft. I can imagine it would be very soothing to dry skin. Normal skin won’t need moisturizer afterward though I think it’s a good idea to always moisturise your skin.

Hardness: this makes a very hard bar of soap, but not as hard as a 100% coconut oil soap. It also needs to be kept very dry between uses because it will soften and melt away into gel consistency if left damp or in a puddle of water.

Like Castile {100% olive oil soap} this soap will need a slightly longer cure time than others do. I will be checking it at the 1 and 2 month stage. Unlike Castile, it makes absolutely no bubbles and is not super cleansing much on its own so it needs the help of the sugars included in the additives. However, I suspect I won’t be making any more Castile from now on except by special request.

After a couple of weeks I gave the soap out as testers and the first person to use it wants his own batch! It was different from anything he’d ever used before. Another person called to confirm it was soap because she first thought it was a hunk of Shea butter…which is exactly what it is, right πŸ˜€

I think the best part about this soap is that it’s made from indigenous ingredients I can source fresh locally and easily. This is a keeper!