New Soaper Feature

How do I describe Edith? Passionate is a little tame when it comes to her love for soapmaking. I first ‘met’ her when she called to order a specific soap that MUST contain lavender eo and camwood.
After that, I became aware she was interested in soapmaking and because she was too busy to attend a class, she bought some supplies from me and I customised a manual for her which she said “you wrote this with me in mind”.

In a manner of days she was creating soaps using additives I’d not even tried 😀 She however is not a fan of the 4 to 6 week wait so I wasn’t surprised when a few days ago, she bought a crocpot. This is the first beauty she created with it. ❤


This soap is reminiscent of a cruise (it reminds her of the sea). Olive and coconut oils make up the base recipe and she added ground oatmel to both portions of soap. Just based on the ingredients I know this will be a very soothing soap as we enter the drier seasons.

All I can say is look out for Edith and her brand Iamzibah