Herb profile: Calendula

Anecdotal evidence dating back many years claim Calendula flower is used to prevent muscle spasms, start menstrual periods, and reduce fever. It is also used for treating sore throat and mouth, menstrual cramps, cancer, and stomach and duodenal ulcers.

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Preparations {tinctures, infusions, hydrosols, succus, extractions, etc} of Calendula is applied to the skin to reduce pain and swelling (inflammation) and to treat poorly healing wounds and leg ulcers. It is also applied to the skin (used topically) for nosebleeds, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, inflammation of the rectum (proctitis), and inflammation of the lining of the eyelid (conjunctivitis). Source

I use calendula in my ‘baby’s bottom’ salve, hand/lip balms and body butters for its skin healing properties and currently have two batches infusing in olive oil and coconut oil.

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