Spa ‘Breakfast’ Salt Soap

Coffee with milk. Oatmeal with a generous drizzle of honey. A slice of succulent red grapefruit on the side. Of course I’m talking about soap 😀

I took a sniff of a sample Cafe Latte fragrance in my stash and I just had to make this breakfast inspired salt bar as my next ‘creation’. I like how it all came together and it’s my first double batch salt bars because timing is VERY important when making these.

This scrubby salt bar has ground coffee beans in it for deep exfoliation {ain’t I sounding high brow cosmetics-y all of a sudden 😀 } so I would use it like 3ce a week or every other day. Coffee is also said to help boost blood circulation under the skin and is a popular ingredient in anti-cellulite products.

Salt naturally stings cuts in the skin so I wouldn’t advice this near any kind of broken skin. Clogged pores would thank it though.