Hello you!

I became interested in and started making soap In the latter part of 2011. I was {an still am} fascinated by the process and outcome and everything in-between. In the first year, I invested several months reading anything and everything about cold process soap making {my preferred method} and tried a few batches out for myself and my baby.

Now, I’d like to share my love of detergent-free luxury skin loving handcrafted soap {and other body treats} with other people…enter Nini Body Treats, the blog.

Ni-ni is a Yoruba* expression loosely meaning ‘squeaky clean’, and its also a short form of my baby girl’s name meaning something else :D.

Hope you enjoy visiting, and if you live in my neck of the woods (Lagos, Nigeria) and would like to know how you can lay your hands on the goodies you see, please leave a comment or email: mail (at) ninibodytreats (dot) com. You can also follow @ ninibodytreats on Twitter

Thanks for stopping by!
*Yoruba is the language of the people of western Nigeria

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