There are few things more gratifying than sincere compliments from happy customers. Here’s what they are saying about Nini Body Treats…

“It {Spa Soap} was like I’d not had a bath in a month” – Olori, Lagos

“Hi girl, those soaps are amazing! The charcoal soap has done wonders for my face. Pimps gone, complexion smoother and brighter! Then the Choco milk for my body? I swear my body gleams! It’s smoother, softer, tighter!\=D/” Kelechi, Lagos

“Wow! Your {facial}skin looks amazing. I want EXACTLY what you are using” said to someone using our salt soap on her face

“I used the 2 soaps todays the salt and the choclate ones! Enjoyed them!I’m so on the queue!{for lessons} Well done! Ur blog is also quite interesting!! Hmmn! I’m a customer!” Nneka, Lagos

“I liked that really hard bar {Shea butter~Coconut Oil~PKO}. It felt surprisingly creamy and made good lather. Also quite mild” Tutu

“Used d spa soap (blue) as advised 😀 ! Ara mi da shaka! 😀 ! Interpretation services available for a fee!!!” Taiwo, Lagos {Translation in context: I felt thoroughly clean}

2 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. We loved the feel of the ‘Oatmeal and Lavender’ against our skin. The lavender smell is so subtle. My husband, who by the way does not change his soap ever!, loved it so much that he asked for more. So looks like he will be changing his soap brand after all! Well done Nini Body Treats.

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